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Global.  Thematic.  All Cap.   Concentrated


Global.  Thematic.  All Cap.   Concentrated



Firm at-a-Glance

Ownership100% Employee Owned
Portfolio Manager ExperienceNels Wangensteen: 20+ years
Ingrid Yin, Ph.D.: 15+ years
Firm Assets as of 6/30/18~$215 million
LocationNew York City
Year Firm Founded2017

Investment Thesis

Strategy at-a-Glance*

Investment StyleGlobal All-Cap Growth (Long Only)
Research ApproachBottom-up, Fundamental
BenchmarkMSCI ACWI Index
Strategy Inception DateJune 2008
Holdings20-30 typically
Separate Account Minimum$1 million

"We look for industries with large addressable markets undergoing change. We analyze industry structure, competitive environment, and then identify the companies on which to focus."

~ Nels Wangensteen, Co-Founder, Managing Director, Portfolio Manager

* Provided for illustrative purposes only. Subject to change at the discretion of MayTech.

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